My first view

Very impressive set of photos Mark all professional standard, you missed your vocation
Pete Howe

Farm photos

Some great shots there Mark.
John Ellis

Photo Website

I have really enjoyed browsing your gallery. You definitely have an eye for it. You have some beautiful shots here and also some which make me ask "how did he do that ?!". Being a fisherman I particularly enjoyed the water related shots. We really must combine a fishing and photography session because you seem to have visited with a camera, all the spots I go to with a rod !. Your photos gave me a lot of fond memories of when I have visited the same locations. My favourite shots are "Lonely Boat" Noss Mayo - great reflections, "Moonlight Roof Tops" - a great view of Orion, your Mann sands shots - I know it well and finally the Brixham firework shot - a classic !.


hi mark,
think they are superb, can't wait for some of the village or even the pub !!
Kevin Jarvis

Amazing Photos

Its good to see so many amazing local photos.Keep focusing on your great snaps.
Keep up the great snapping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Luke Ruderham